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Dear sirs: I'm a Lebanese person. I would like to visit Casablanca soon to engage a Moroccan girl. The truth about travelling in Morocco My husband and I just returned from a week vacation in Morocco.

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I had always wanted to cross the Strait of Gibraltar, so we travelled from Algeciras to Tangier by ferry. Immediately, the country has a huge problem with garbage collection and cleanliness — the situation is worse in Tangier The medina is unbearable and Casablanca — garbage all over the sidewalks. There are also stray cats everywhere. We were the only customers in the store with two vendors.

The door was locked behind us and there were no windows. Although the vendor turned the AC on and told us there was no obligation to buy, he insisted we stay until we saw the entire variety of products.

2. Moroccans Don't Like to be Photographed

We told him to go speak with the people at the cooperative where we had spent our money. Very disgruntled, he left us alone. We also decided we needed to walk with confidence so as not to be bothered. Another example: While we were waiting for our train from Casablanca to Marrakesh, a man who claimed to work for the government tourism office at the airport approached us to chat about Morocco and Canada… After leaving us with many tips, he offered to have a friend taxi driver who also works for the government! Needless to say, we picked our own taxi driver… Before getting into a taxi, always research how much you should pay for that distance and agree on a price beforehand.

Also, if you do not like the prices presented to you, walk away. This will make them lower their number. In conclusion — The low level of cleanliness and being constantly approached to spend money really affected my ability to enjoy Morocco and being on vacation.

The space was peaceful and beautifully decorated and the staff was very pleasant and helpful. Do not go into ANY mosques in Morocco. It is the law for non-Muslims to do so.

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You can enter the Hassan II mosque in Casablanca at times during the day when prayers are not in progress. Here is the advice that Moroccans give to each other Don't trust anybody! I have been in Morocco during the summer. I had a hard time the first day as I did not book any transportations from the airport to the hotel. I thought the hotel will take care of it but they did not.

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After an hour asking around outside of the airport, I was able to get a white cab to take me to the city. I have paid about 35 euros for the transfer. I went online and found that I should have paid about the same for a luxurious car. I have then done my research and found a local transportation agency casablanca-tours.

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I have booked a visit of Casablanca with them. I have liked their service and decided to hire them for the rest of the trip. They have provided me with a private car and driver. It was very useful as he was fluent in english and help me as an interpreter. I would recommend them to any friend. It was a nice overall experience. My husband and I went to Morocco and had really a great time! Briefly, Morocco is the country of contrasts; you will meet people who would want to help and others who may well want to rip you off.

Should you plan a trip to Morocco, go ready and equipped, and remember that what does not kill you makes you stronger. We had such a wonderful and truly bespoke trip, but this is thanks to Said Amraoui.

In fact, we met him and discussed our trip over a pint in London. The company is called Deep Morocco Tours.

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Com Good luck and wish you the very best. The important and useful information about Morocco is very good, I enjoy this. By the way other than Morocco other beautiful holiday destinations you can get in Bali and you can rest with luxury and comfort in the best resort owned by Bali Hanginggardensofbali. Visit Africa and have a feeling of love,experience the origin of nature and it's beauty.


Africa is the best place for tourist attraction in the world. There so many places to visit in order for you to have wonderful and unforgettable lifetime experiences. Morocco has often been the subject of lush and romantic fantasy. The country is extremely diverse, with residents that are Arab, Berber, and many European and sub-Saharan African immigrants. Marrakesh is also the gateway to Morocco's High Atlas region where you can relish the scenic mountain beauty after your Marrakesh metropolis adventures. I like this country and always dreamt to visit it. At last my dream come true.

I was looking for the appropriate place for my staying in the country. Was there for two weeks. Unique design, elegance and austerity, harmony of simplicity.

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I, as a father, would like to travel to Morroco with my 18 year old daughter and am concerned that a man and a young woman might draw unnecessary attention for the duration of the trip. Am I correct to be concerned? There were lots of rude people on the streets harassing and trying to mislead me about tourist attractions. When I ignored them, they swore at me.

Moroccans trying to steal your assigned seating in trains and airplanes are common too. Our local guide had to warn us about that. If you like to eat meat you get the choice of having it overcooked in skewer or tagine form. The hygiene of the food matches the quality. I got food poisoning twice over 3 weeks and by the end of the trip a third of the group had gotten sick.

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Contrast that to my trip to India where no one in my group got sick. Another good advise - while in Erg Chebbi the sand dunes are quite nice and even in winter time you can get over 20 degrees during the day, at night the temperature can drop to 5 degrees if not lower. Better to be really well dressed in warm clothes even in the desert. As in any country where you travel its better try not to show much that you are a tourist. I had my first female alone trip there, which was absolutely amazing!

Surprisingly when you say in English or French that you are not interested in buying anything they will keep nagging you for a few more minutes. However, if you say "LA' shukran", meaning the same as "no, thanks" they would immediately stop. The realisation came quite late in the day, but was such a impressive learning point. Irrespective of all the new and unexpected things that can happen in different cultural environment, it is so much worth a visit.

I collated some nice pics from the trip on www. Let me know what you think :. Wow, I'm soooo glad I found this blog! I know I'm way ahead of time but I'm already doing research on my trip to Morocco on October of this year, I want to celebrate my birthday 45th in another country for a change! I'm learning all kind of things here - I like the use of "La, Shukran" especially, great advice! I'm also a bit worried but I don't want the bad stories to take away from my excitement in my "planning", although I kinda plan to go with the flow as one post suggested here , and create my agenda when I get there based on what I feel like doing.

One thing that worries is that I'd run out of money though. I'm traveling from USA and planning to travel to Madrid directly and from there to Casablanca where my friend will pick me up - it seems it's a LOT cheaper than trying to flight 'directly" to Casablanca from NY. It seems I'll save a bit more money doing it this way. Once I get there, I have no idea about the money exchange I'll have to do before entering Morocco. I'm planning to stay a total of 13 days and I'm wondering how much money I should take with me or rather use my checking banking card.

I'm worried about the international fees amounting too much if I use the ATM but also the carrying cash with me. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated along with any other advice. Thank you so much!!! I just returned from 2 weeks travelling through Morocco as a female solo traveller, with blonde hair and blue eyes. Below are my tips for those with a trip coming up: - Train: The trains are often delayed but no more than an hour or two. Buy your tickets on the day, normally minute line and have cash.

Be cautious of phone theft, never show them your phone- write locations on paper. Private buses in and out of Chefchaouen book out days in advance. Longer rides are cheaper, I paid 35dh for 1 hour taxi ride in the north. I booked accommodation as I went along, if I liked a city, I stayed or moved on.